Janie Molster Bio


Janie Molster

Clients appreciate her well-honed discovery process, which focuses on their ideas of what's possible and expands on them. "We're translators. We invest in good communication up front to transform a client's ideas into a cohesive workable plan," she explains. "The most satisfying compliment I can get is, You understood what I wanted better than I did. Ultimately, what defines our work is the artistry we put into redefining a client's vision."

As a mother of five with a large extended family, Janie understands that good design must be intertwined with comfort and functional practicality. "A beautiful room becomes a gathering place, inspiring people to sit down together and talk." While a Janie Molster design defies easy categorization, a common thread of authenticity runs through her work. "The most inviting rooms look like they've evolved naturally over time," she says, capturing her design sensibility. "I'm not guided by genre, period, or pedigree. I am guided by good."