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How We Do It:
the Ins and Outs of Upholstered Headboards

I’m on record as saying that my favorite place is my bed. 8 hours of my day (1/3 of my life) is spent in my bed. I’m also a firm believer that we should all invest the energy and resources in making sure that our beds check the comfort box on all levels. As a […]

How We Do It: The Evolution of An Outdoor Room

The days are getting warmer. The boxwood outside of my window are flushing out in new, bright green growth. Early birds like forsythia, redbud, and camellia are in full bloom and the dogwoods are just days away from their full glory. It’s springtime in Virginia and everyone is outside, albeit six feet apart for now.  […]

Virginia Garden Week: An Insider’s Recap

What is Historic Garden Week in Virginia and what is all the hubbub about? I’ve had so many people outside of the state of Virginia ask me that question in the last several months as I’ve worked on prepping my own home and garden for my tour date, as well as prepping a few of […]

Travel Diary: A Day in Cartagena

Sunny springtime weather has me flashing back to a favorite winter weather escape, Cartagena, Columbia.  We visited just after Christmas and this beautiful coastal town was bustling with holiday revelers.  The city was full of people but very manageable in that reservations for dining were easy to come by and shopkeepers were attentive and helpful.  The […]